The aim of this service is to help new beekeepers get started and to support companies/office buildings to make use of roof space by installing, establishing and maintaining bee hives. For the last number of years there has been an enormous amount of publicity around the plight of honey bees and many people have bought into the idea of supporting the bees rather than continually robbing them. This is a bespoke service tailored to each client and apiary situation. Below are some guidelines. For new domestic/individual beekeepers I can provide: Guidance/support and practical work for the first season and beyond if required. This means being involved form the selection of bees and bee hives, installing the bees and monitoring the colony/colonies during the first summer. Helping to evaluate the strength of the colony/colonies before winter and supervising the preparation and administering of winter feed. Teaching essential skills by example and observation: Many new Beekeepers start out by attending courses with their local BeeKeeping Association but then remain daunted by the prospect of having to look after a bee colony from one season to the next. Having an experienced beekeeper on hand to give confidence and support can help solidify beekeeping knowledge and provide the vital safety net that allows a new beekeeper to become fully independant. SME's with viable roof space can support natural beekeeping and have their own honey for colleagues and guests: It is not neccessary to have a roof garden to have bee hives. In many instances SME's will have enough space for one or two or several hives but not enough space or load bearing capacity to have a roof garden. For SME's Natural beekeeping means minimal disturbance and lower costs: Once an apiary is set up it need not involve heavy running costs. Each apiary and company circumstance can be explored and a bespoke solution proposed. Eco-friendly activities add a vital and unique group dynamic: The dynamic of a bee hive is inspirational for most people who come into contact with them or become interested in them. Even folks who do not wish to approach a bee colony are impressed (at a distance) with the collective drive and purpose of the bees. The hive mind, the unflincing tenacity of bees, the bounty of honey is a powerful motivator for those who are even remotely involved with a bee hive. Unless conducting an initial consultation, or by arrangement, Martin will be accompanied by an assistant beekeeper. This is a labour only service. The client will purchase all equipment and stock (bees) directly from the suppliers. We will consult and draw up lists etc, we can also place the order if required.